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If you are looking for chiropractic services to help relieve common pregnancy discomforts, we work with a select list of providers throughout Southwest Florida. Please call our office for an updated list of providers or to learn more about these services, or check out our links below.



LifeStrength Health Center  239-774-5433

Fit for Life Health Services  239-513-9800


Bonita Springs:

Mother Goose Chiropractic  239-676-3663


Fort Myers:

Gindele Family Chiropractic  239-936-5545


Cape Coral:

Mama's Chiropractic  239-549-6262

Workshop Yoga class Birth services

Massage Therapy - Prenatal Massage & Postnatal Massage

Massage promotes relaxation, but can also relieve many uncomfortable conditions during pregnancy, such as back pain, swelling, and general tightness / soreness that is common in pregnancy.


Postnatal massage can help restore the muscles after birth and it allows the abdomen to return to pre-pregnancy status.


Family Birth Center massages are available to the public.  Our resident massage therapists, Cheryl Bernardi, LMT (MA 66409) and Ali Gardella, LMT (MA 76999) are certified in prenatal massage.

To learn more about the benefits of prenatal massage, click here.

Take yoga classes to benefit your health

We recommend prenatal and postnatal yoga classes for expectant and new mothers.

Take yoga courses with Casey Sodano at Barefoot Beach or Joyful Yoga, 

      or try NCH Wellness Center.


To learn more about the benefits of prenatal yoga, click here.

Birth Rehearsal

Birth Rehearsal Workshop is a private class for mom and partner.  During this class, you will practice movement, breathing, and other coping tools to use during labor.  You and your partner will be guided through a mock-delivery in a birth suite, to help familiarize you with your surroundings and give an expectation of your experience.

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Founded in 1998.

Locally owned and operated business.

Free-standing birth center.

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Chiropractic services

Doula services

A birth doula offers non-medical, one-on-one care during labor and birth. A doula provides nurturing care and support that traditional obstetrical care does not.


A birth doula supports you and your partner by providing the knowledge, comfort and education necessary for a fulfilling birth experience using techniques, such as:

  • Massage

  • Counter-pressure

  • Visualization

  • Relaxation

  • Education

  • Advocacy


Clinical studies show the benefits of working with a birth doula include:

  • 50% reduction in cesarean rates

  • 60% reduction in the rate of epidural use

  • 40% reduction in the need for forceps

  • Higher breastfeeding rates

  • Higher levels of confidence in partners as coaches

  • Increased maternal sense of satisfaction in the birth

  • Overall sense of well-being following delivery

  • Easier transition into parenthood


This is why the Family Birth Center of Naples offers in-house doula services for all of our clients.  

For more information about doulas, click here.

Placenta services

The placenta may have many useful applications after the birth.  

For more information about placentophagy, click here. 


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Monica Dabney, Board Certified Acupuncturist and Homeopath.


Specializes in Women’s Health:

  • Infertility

  • Pregnancy Issues—pain, nausea, anxiety, stress, insomnia

  • Labor—induction, pain relief

  • Post-Partum Issues—depression


And Much More


Accepting Insurance for treatments, also Self-Pay sliding scale.


For more info about Dr. Monica and her services, click here.


Mental Health Professionals specializing in Postpartum Depression

Exercising during pregnancy improves and maintains health and wellness, and can also alleviate discomforts of pregnancy and help prepare the body for labor and birth.


Postpartum exercise not only helps you with strength and energy levels, but can also improve your mood.


fFor more info, contact Victoria Dosen at  or


Andrea Press  239-591-6670


Fort Myers:

Shannon Wiseley  517-398-3230


Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

Breastfeeding/Lacatation Support

It is so important to get help with breastfeeding just as soon as a problem arises.  If you need breastfeeding support, Juana Rodriguez will come to your house and help out.  She also sells breast pumps and other supplies.  

For more info,  check out

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