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What is a Midwife?

A midwife is someone who is specifically trained to provide low-risk maternity and birth services. Midwives offer nurturing, respectful care, and personal attention, with the primary emphasis on education and information regarding your pregnancy and birth. The Family Birth Center of Naples staffs Licensed Midwives providing care to women experiencing healthy, normal pregnancies.


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Why choose a midwife?

It is a fact that infant/maternal mortality rates are lower in developed countries where midwives deliver most of the low-risk population than the infant/mortality rate in the United States. The lower-cost, thorough care that midwives provide, without the unnecessary intervention, really works!


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What is the difference between hospital and out-of-hospital birth?

The experience at a birth center is vastly different from that of a hospital. Women are encouraged to move around freely during labor, eat, and drink during labor, wear their own clothing, bring friends and family if they choose, and record their birth if they wish.


Most birth centers promote and prepare women for natural birthing. Babies are never separated from the parents, and the duration of the postpartum stay is generally shorter than that of a 24-hour hospital stay.


Women and their families have the ability to design their own birth experience. The standard procedures and protocols will usually never get in the way of what someone wants. Because of this, the rate of satisfaction is usually much higher at a birth center.


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Family Birth Center of Naples is a locally owned and operated business that was founded in 1998.

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Are birth centers safe?

This is probably the most largely asked question. Studies show that having your baby out-of-hospital will not increase the risk to you and your baby. Midwives are trained professionals that are capable of recognizing and handling complicated situations before they become an emergency.


Birth Centers are well equipped with certain medications, oxygen, and resuscitation equipment to handle unexpected situations. Safety is our number one concern!


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Will my insurance cover birth center care?

It is a Florida State Law that all insurance companies (not including out-of-state or self-funded plans) and Medicaid cover services provided by midwives and birth centers. If we are not a participating provider with your insurance company, we will do our best to secure in-network rates.


The Family Birth Center offers discounted Self-Pay plans as well.


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What pain relief methods are available in a birth center?

All freestanding birth centers promote natural birth, as anesthesia (such as an epidural) is not safe to use out of the hospital. With education and support, a natural birth is very attainable, not to mention empowering.


Having the ability to move and change positions and use water (hydrotherapy) during labor are some of the most effective means of pain management of natural labor.


We at the Family Birth Center of Naples also feel that this is the safest way to labor for you and your baby. You never need to worry about drug interactions or effects on the baby.


The Family Birth Center of Naples is now offering Nitrous Oxide for pain relief during labor.  This is a very safe, self-administered tool to help our motherings during labor and postpartum.


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